• Size 6
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    This fly looks like the giant fall caddis from a steelhead's perspective. It can be deadly during the fall but it can also look like a stonefly during the spring and summer months. This fly wakes best when attached with a small non-tightening loop knot.

    Kenny Morrish says about his POM Skater:

    The number one reason that steelheaders don't catch steelhead on dries is that they fail to tie them on in the first place. The second reason they fail is that when they do tie them on, they lack the needed confidence to fish them hard. Your typical angler will fish a tip for days without a pull but never question the act of fishing a wet fly and tip. That same angler might fish one or two fishless runs with a dry and switch back to a wet fly in hopes of being more effective. Then, by giving the tip and the wet fly more time in the water, they fulfill the prophecy and make fishing the wet fly seemingly more effective. The third reason is bound up in preconceptions about water temperatures. Some anglers draw the line at 50 degrees, others at 45 but all these lines are arbitrary, unfounded and misleading. Likewise, many anglers who fish in BC seem to think that come October 1st that steelhead no longer eat dries! I laugh aloud at that one.

    Last season I fished the Sustut and Skeena in mid October through the heart of a brutal cold snap. Water temps were dropping hard but when we came to a legendary tailout on the Skeena, I couldn't bear to see it fished through first with a tip. It just seemed wrong. So, being a gentleman, I volunteered to fish it through first with the dry. My companions were happy to oblige. The ice had just melted out of the guides minute before, and the water temp was 36 degrees. They watched me gently chug my go to Pom Skater across the greasy water for three casts and on the fourth we all saw the buck's big nose gently rise and drop, barely leaving ring. And while those were far from the best dry fly conditions of the season, it proved to be my best fish of the season. The one thing I can say with some certainty is that if I hadn't tied the dry on and fished it with confidence, I never would have caught the fish pictured on a dry!