• 11' 7" #5-weight
  • Comes with hard case and sock
  • Very high performance
  • Great two-hand rod for dry line fishing for summer steelhead
  • Great rod for streamer fishing for large trout
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    A true 'trout spey rod" that is also a great 'dry-line summer steelhead rod' is a great idea. At Beulah, they had a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea that a 5 weight spey rod needing 380-400 grain load was actually fun for trout. So, they created the newly released 11'7" - #5-weight Platinum! You'll find a sweet spot between 250-300 grains depending on your line choice. Fish Redsides on the Deschutes employing soft hackles on a floating line, or sculpins and crayfish patterns on the Deschutes with a 325-grain Skagit, blitz down to the Rogue, Klamath and Trinity later in the season fishing Half Pounders with the possibility of mature 3-7 pound Steelies. Truly a casting dream and a blast to fish, the new 5 weight Platinum makes a perfect 'trout spey' and is ready for that surprise 'trophy' fish.
    Rod Weight: 5.6 ounces.
    USE OF ROD: Half Pounders, Redside, Rainbow, Browns, Coastal Cutthroat and a light duty Steelhead rod from Alaska to Chile.
    ACTION: Traditional 'Spey' action/ fast recovery.
    Scandinavian: 275-290 grains
    Skagit: 310-350 grains
    Platinum Spey Rod Series 11'7" 5wt. 4 PIECE
    Comes with sock, tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty for conditions).