Plan D Fly Boxes

These super durable intruder and Tube Fly Boxes are not only waterproof, but are also one-way vented so that moisture passes out of each box and won't come in through the vent. We do however, recommend that used flies be replaced back into these boxes only after they have been dried (completely). There is also a loop in the corner of most Plan D Fly Boxes for attaching a lanyard.

The one-way vent is an important part of the function of any sealed waterproof box as many travellers have found out after flying at high altitude and trying to ope a non-vented box that has become vacuumized during their flight.

Plan D Fly Boxes are rugged, and are meant to last a lifetime. There are four new models for articulated flies (Intruders) and two new models for tube flies. Plan D Fly Boxes are designed to be perfect storage for your expensive trophy flies to keep them from getting mauled and mangled. Plan D boxes are also perfect storage for many kinds of saltwater, and bass flies. We normally have all Plan D Fly Boxes in stock all of the time.

Most steelhead/salmon anglers will find that Plan D boxes are best carried in a fanny pack such as a waterproof Seal Pak.