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Dry Creek Boat Bag Large Dry Creek Boat Bag Large
Price: $249.95
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SUPERSIZED STORAGE FOR YOUR STAY-DRY ESSENTIALSSourcing bone-dry storage for your fishing gear just got easier. With more than 2,000 cubic inches of capacity, Simms' large Dry Creek Boat Bag uses radio-frequency welds that molecularly bond fabrics at their surface for durable, waterproof seams. Enveloped in TPU-coated material, interior dividers deliver intuitive organization for reels, boxes, camera equipment, additional clothing layers, and more. While the angler-appreciated magnetized Catch...

Dry Creek Hip Pack Dry Creek Hip Pack
Price: $119.95
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WADE DEEPER WITH ROLL-TOP WATERPROOF PERFORMANCELight, agile, and brimming with stay-dry storage solutions, Simms' waterproof Dry Creek Hip Pack is a minimalists go-to with maximized potential. Built from rugged and waterproof TPU coated fabrics, with a roll-top closure, the pack rides comfortably thanks to high loft, closed-cell foam back panels and a cushioned non-absorbent waistband. Fishing features include retractor docking stations for tools and tippet spools, a fast-drying front...

Fishpond Eagles Nest Travel/Gear Pouch Fishpond Eagles Nest Travel/Gear Pouch
Price: $10.95
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The Eagles Nest Travel Pouch provides an efficient way to organize and store clothing, gear and accessories for your next outdoor travel adventure. Whether you are storing extra tippet spools, tools, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc., these colorful laminated mesh pouches will help keep everything in its place throughout the journey.Small 6" x 7.75" Rust Color Medium 8" x 9.75" Green Color Large 10" x 13.5""Blue Color ...

Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack
Price: $149.95
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Item #: GRTP-D -

It's really a vest, but it has the versatility of a pack. Light, but with more pockets than you can shake a stick at (don't waste your time trying - you've got fishing to do), the Gore Range Tech Pack was designed to accommodate multiple fly boxes in a variety of sizes, plus give you easy access to those go-to patterns by via either of two molded zip-down fly benches. A mesh back keeps you cool, and the numerous tabs and cord loops mean you can trick it out with favorite accessories. No need...

Fishpond Medicine Bow Chest Pack, outside front, closed, picture
Price: $69.95
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A spoonful of sugar is helpful for some, but the Medicine Bow Chest Pack needs no assistance - it is the bonafide cure for the angling need that ails you. Small and lightweight, it can deceive, but the pack is jammed with features. Like water-resistent zippers, a fold-down molded bench, and a main compartment that can hold those large fly boxes you love so much. Add Hypalon tabs to secure even more accessories, and you are feeling better already.

Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit
Price: $89.95
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Item #: RTFTK-S -

The Road Trip Fly Tying Kit - because sometimes the best inspiration happens when you're out there. A travel kit that's ready when you are, it is designed to carry all the essentials you'll need to match every hatch Mother Nature throws at you, in a compact, durable package. The Road Trip sports a padded pocket for your vise, spool tubes, a ton of pockets in various sizes, and a removable organizer box for hooks, coneheads, etc.

Fishpond Summit Sling Bag pictured loaded, tools not included, pictured
Price: $99.95
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Item #: SS-G -

Fishpond Summit Sling Bag What Fishpond says: "Admittedly, we are not first to the water with a fishing sling pack, yet typical for Fishpond, when we decide to design any product, we make it to be the very best. The Summit Sling is just that. The most comfortable, durable, and design rich sling available....anywhere. With our recycled fishing net nylon material, you can wear this pack knowing you are making a difference to help keep our planet healthy." What we say: The Summit Sling bag is...

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack, 2017 IFTD best in show, picture
Price: $229.95
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Item #: TSL-Y -

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack The Thunderhead Lumbar is a fully waterproof pack that is built with your comfort and personal gear in mind, even when you find yourself in the worst conditions. If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes. We designed this bag for anglers who brave conditions in search of the moment when it all goes off. The clean layout gives you a simple way to organize your gear, which can range from high end cameras, boxes of hand tied flies, to your peanut...

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling Fishpond, Thunderhead Submersible Sling, waterproof storage, easy transport, easy access, gear bag, sling pack
Price: $229.95
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Item #: THS-Y -

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling Pack When you need quick access to all of your gear, sling this clean design over your shoulder and charge into the elements. Built for anglers who live life in the grit of the riverbed and demand the most from their gear. Load your valuables in the roomy main compartment, lock them behind the fully waterproof TIZIP, and submerse yourself into the environment. Anglers have gravitated towards the sling pack as a great way to carry the day’s essentials...

Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Duffel Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Duffel
Price: $159.95
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Item #: WWRTD-CG -

It has the capacity to haul a full day's worth of gear, no problem! It has a roll-top design to keep that gear dry and secure, no problem! It has single-hand, side-strap, and rubber shoulder straps to pick up, pull out, and carry it away, no problem! The Westwater Roll Top Duffel means you are all out of excuses. Go fishing!

Loop Tackle Roll Top Stuff Sack, 4-sizes, picture
Price: $10.00
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Item #: LSS -

Loop Roll Top Stuff Sacks If you want to look like one of those guys that the guides automatically tag as a green-horn, show up in camp with your gear in a bag that sucks up water, or worse yet in a garbage bag. Every person at the put-in is going to think, "Boy this guy is going to be a lot of work. Maybe I can sluff him off on Joe, the new guide."If on the other hand you show up with your gear organised in Loop Waterproof bags, every guide is going to think, "I want that guy in my boat".Fact...

Full assortment of Seal Line Seal Paks, picture
Price: $47.95
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Seal Line Seal PaksA Seal Pak is the answer!So, you finally got a chance to go on that tropical fly fishing dream-trip. Much of the best shallow water fishing is done while wading. This requires some specialized equipment. One of the questions you will need to answer is, what to carry your flies and small gear in?" Fishing vests, like those used for trout fishing are too hot and cumbersome, and definitely out of the question. A fanny pack is a better bet, but which one. There are dozens of...

Simms Dry Creek Backpack Dry Creek Backpack, fully submersible, roll-top, protects gear from all types of weather, comfortable to wear
Price: $209.95
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FLOOD-PROOF PACKS BUILT FOR PRESSURE-WASHER CONDITIONS Plot coastal missions through ripening rain clouds and storm class IV canyons that guarantee a gear dunking, with Simms' new lightweight, fully submersible Dry Creek Backpack. Powered by rugged ripstop and oxford fabrics, with double-sided TPU coatings, the pack features waterproof roll-top safekeeping for a swath of stay-dry fishing essentials. Reach inside, where stretch-mesh pockets cut down clutter. The Dry Creek Backpack is also a...

Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag
Retail: $139.95
Price: $97.95
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Item #: PHT1120100 -

INSERT YOUR ARSENAL OF GEAR, HERESavvy organization for anglers with extras, Simms' Headwaters Tackle Bag offers garage-like gear capacity from truck tailgate to boat deck and beyond. The easy-access primary compartment, with double-zipper closure, holsters an array of small to extra-large boxes, while exterior pockets are ready to receive a cache of tools, mono spools, and more. Additional features include tuckable rod-tube holders on the exterior, a waterproof TPU bottom, and rugged nylon...

Simms Headwaters Taco Bag Simms Headwaters Taco Bag
Price: $39.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: PT1120100 -

The ingenious Headwaters Taco Bag takes wet waders and boots and sandwiches them in waterproof fabric to keep your car or house floors mud free. Bags house up to two stockingfoot waders and two pairs of wading boots for headache free transport to and from the river.

Simms waterproof wader pouch, picture
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: 10886-042-00 -

Smartphones and full submersion don't mix well. That's why Simms' designed its Waterproof Wader Pocket so you can stay connected in a deluge or after an impromptu dunking. Featuring a touch-screen compatible window, pockets conveniently interface with Simms' Tippet Tender zip-in system-available in Simms' Waders.

Simms Waypoints Hip Packs Simms Waypoints Hip Packs
Price: $99.95-$149.95
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Item #: 11 -

Simms� new Small Waypoints Hip Pack is a lightweight, hardworking hip pack with intuitive features for fishing gear on the go. It's powered by PU-coated 420D nylon Oxford and 210D nylon HT Dobby fabrics that deliver clean, catch-free aesthetics. Patterned shoulder and side secure straps that are removable upon reaching destinations. A large compression-molded workbench opens to on-the-water essentials such as flies and boxes. And additional features include magnetic tool ports, zippered...

Simms Waypoints Sling Packs Simms, Waypoints Sling Packs, for all kinds of fishing, where access to your gear is important, comfortable to wear
Price: $99.95-$129.95
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Item #: 110 -

Simms Waypoints Sling Packs As I get older, my gear is often chosen not for new fancy features, but by how little it will tend annoy me. I have little patience with tackle that distracts me from fishing or observing the world around me. Things that pinch, or irritate my body, make goofy noises, have little dangly gadgets that get hung up in vegetation, have zippers that get stuck, or otherwise weren't well tested, are ushered out of my life. Two seasons ago I bought a Simms Waypoints Sling...

Sweetwater Reel Case
Price: $22.95
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These soft storage cases with padded sides and molded tops and bottoms provide an extra measure of protection for valuable reels and spools when you’re on the road. Three sizes to hold most fresh and saltwater reels.Small: Small 4.5” x 4.5” x 4.5” (Holds one saltwater or two fresh reels) Medium: 9.5” x 4” x 4” (Holds four freshwater reels or two/three smaller saltwater reels) Large: Large 10” x 4.5” x 5” (Holds four saltwater reels or two reels/two spools) ...

Umpqua Ledges 500 Waist Pack Umpqua Ledges 500 Waist Pack
Price: $109.99
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Item #: 35010 -

The Ledges 500 is an essential fly-fishing pack. Its suspended back panel provides all-day comfort, support and ventilation, and makes it unlike any other waist pack on the market. This, combined with a unique, high-wear tool sheath, barbless fly rigging station, load adjusters, weather-proof pocket and much more, makes it the most functional and user-friendly waist-pack on the market. It also integrates with the Surveyor 1100 Backpack, making it ideal for any backcountry fishing adventures. ...

Umpqua Tongass Waist Pack Umpqua Tongass Waist Pack
Price: $169.99
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: 35008 -

If you need one waist-pack to handle the bonefish flats, trout, steelhead, etc., anywhere in the world, under any conditions, this is the pack for you. A large, water-tight roll-top compartment can handle a large camera, lunch, jacket and back-up boxes while the front weather-proof zippered pocket will handle primary fly boxes, leaders and accessories. The "face" work-station handles core rigging items like hemostats, tippet, nippers and accessories at your fingertips.