Popular waking flies
  • Steelhead Waking Fly
  • Can be skated or popped
  • Visible to both fish and anglers alike
  • Constructed with premium materials and hook
  • Works in many water types
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $3.95

    Geraths Curb Feeler

    Engineered, tested and proven on Oregon's Deschutes River, one of the best swung fly steelhead rivers in the world by Taylor Geraths. The Curb Feeler comes in two distinctly different color: purple and orange. The purple one is the most productive of the two except when October Caddis are prevalent from mid September through most of October. Then you will want to use the orange one. Curb Feelers are easy to fish as they will wake and/pop in all but the most aerated water. They can be, but don't need to be riffle-hitched. I tie mine on with a Lefty Kreh non-tightening loop knot and it works just fine. Curb Feelers have a bright orange foam top-knot, which is easy to see and provides mor lift to make these flies wake more efficiently.