• Echo Swing Spey 7130-4
  • Echo Bravo 7/9 Reel
  • Scientific Anglers Floating Monocore Shooting Line .030
  • RIO Skagit Skagit Max Short 525-grain
  • RIO T-11, 11' Custom Sinking Tip
  • #30 backing = 150 yd
  • Plus "Bonus Package" = Flies & Leader
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Retail: $566.65
Price: $519.95
You Save: $46.70 (8.2%)

    Echo Classic Spey Outfit

    Whether looking for your first entry level two-hand (spey) rod or a great back-up, the ECHO Swing "Long" rods are the smoothest, easiest casting rods in their class. High-grade components and a classic "Gloss Blue Steel" color blank means these rods look as good as they fish. They have a crisp action and modest power, allowing performance over the largest range of fishing conditions using both floating and sink-tip lines. You don't have to be a beginner to love this combination!

    We chose the Echo Bravo Reel, simply because it is the best, most reliable reel in its price range.

    The Scientific Anglers Floating Mono Core Shooting Line and RIO Skagit Max Shooting Head are the best quality you can buy at any price. The 11' T11 Sinking Tip is custom made in our shop. Why 11-feet? It just casts and fishes better! This is the same line components you would use in a rod/reel combo costing $2,000 more.

    Backing is backing, right? Maybe, but we actually think that you are going to get to see yours stretch out across the river. And we know how to install YOURS, so the connections flow easily back and forth through your guides without causing problems. They are the same connections we use on our own outfits and you've seen our massive collection of steelhead/salmon pictures scattered around this web site.

    Spey Bonus Pack:
    Other outfitters claim their Spey Combos are ready to fish, but they don't include the leader and flies. How you gonna' fish without leader and flies? Well at The Fly Fishing Shop/FlyFishUSA, we make sure that you are better prepared to go fishing.
    To get even more prepared, check out these Steelhead Spey Schools!

    This Spey outfit includes:

    Echo Swing 7130-4 Rod $275.00
    Echo 7/9 Bravo Reel $139.95
    Scientific Anglers Monocore Shooting Line .030 $34.95
    RIO Skagit Max Short 525-grain $59.95
    RIO T-11, 11' Custom Sinking Tip (looped at both ends) $21.95
    #30 backing = 150 yd. $19.95
    (3) Different colors, Mark's Spey Intruder Spey Flies in a reusable snap lid fly box $10.50
    #15 Maxima Ultra Green Leader 27 yd $ 4.40
    Total MSRP: $566.65
    SPECIAL Outfit Price: $519.95