ASQ 490-4

  • Length: 9'
  • Line Weight: #4
  • Action: Fast
  • Pieces: 4
  • Handle: A
Price: $1,000.00
    Points to Purchase:100000
    Points Earned:10000
    Bonus Points Earned:0


    The ASQ 490-4 is designed as a freshwater rod to be used for fish that weigh from mere ounces to 3 or 4 pounds. It has the tensile strength to land fish that are much heavier, but is made primarily for delicate presentation with fine tippets and small flies. Asquith rods are designed so that they do not need to be matched with heavier lines to be comfortable casting tools for people with average skills. ASQ 490-4 is a very fine rod for fishing trout in many sizes of lakes and streams.

    The Asquith series is the culmination of global cooperation in design, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Built on Shimano?s proprietary Spiral X platform, the Asquith boasts superb power transfer from tip to hand, quick recovery, and increased sensitivity. Designed by world casting champion Steve Rajeff, the Asquith is an exploratory step into the future of rod manufacturing technology. With fast actions, generous power levels, titanium guides, and exceptionally light swing weight, all rods in the series excel in fishing situations where developing high line speed and making precise casts means success.