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    These machined bobbins have a hardened-steel tip insert and countersunk feed that allows thread to glide through the tube when threading or tying. The sharp looking ergonomic disc drag control has a wide adjustment zone for silky smooth thread tension to conform to any thread strength or tying application.

    This model is colored red to show up first on your tying bench because it is the primary bobbin you will use. The long fine barrel is designed for maximum visibility and accuracy for average size flies. The Standard bobbin can be used to tie flies ranging from tiny midges to huge saltwater streamers. It easily allows the use of threads from 18/0 to 2/0. However, this bobbin is best when you are tying flies from #18 dries through winter steelhead intruders, using threads from 8/0 through 3/0.

    This model is colored blue to designate it as your big thread bobbin. The long barrel is larger diameter to accommodate larger threads and allows the tyer to use more muscle to cinch down heavier materials. The barrel length on the Saltwater/Streamer bobbin is the same as the Standard Bobbin. It easily allows the use of micro chenilles and and various yarns to be spooled and fed through a bobbin allowing for segmented bodies like no others.

    This model is colored black. It is best for tying smaller flies. The short fine barrel is designed for very precise work with small flies and fine thread. It easily allows the use of threads from 18/0 to 8/0, and is designed to be used for tying the tiniest flies to #14.