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    Speckle Leg Double Bead Stonefly Nymph, Black

    Giant salmonflies are normally a three year life cycle. During most of their lives these insects crawl around on the bottom of the river devouring vegetable matter. They are black in color with few markings of other colors. However, years ago, some anglers noted that the addition of white legs made large black nymphs more effective. That is how the Girdle Bug fly became famous. In certain colors of water the striped legs probably show up better and are easier for trout to see.

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    Awesome Productivity

    There is not one thing bad with this. It is well-made, it has a great fall, and I have caught numerous species with it of a sizeable nature. This seems to have drawn the attention of the Crappie that have been hiding the past couple years in our lake as well. This has attracted larger Bluegill, Redear, Bass, Crappie, and I have also caught some Perch with it. In the short time I have been using it, I have racked up some numbers.