Brett's Klamath Intruder, 9-Colors, 1 7/8"
  • 9-Colors, 1 7/8"
Price: $3.75

    Tied on a 15mm shank, this little intruder has all the characteristics of its big brother: it moves and breathes while maintaining a profile.

    Brett Jensen, Fly Designer:

    In the early seventies, fly tying materials were as hard to find as a ?Sasquatch.? Back then, the only reliable options for tying materials were from mail order companies. But, from the very beginning, even with limited access to basic materials, Brett knew he only wanted to fish with patterns of his design.

    Steelhead have been a big part of Brett?s passion for fly fishing. And the majority of the years he has spent fishing have been devoted to pursuing them. Along the way he has created some notable patterns.

    As you might have guessed (by the names given to his flies), the Klamath River in Northern California has been the inspiration for many of his summer and fall patterns. In the late eighties, he started ?Klamath Connections,? a successful guide service on the Lower Klamath. But after a few years, he realized he would rather spend his time fishing for steelhead instead of guiding others to them.

    Brett has this to say about his Klamath Intruder:

    Just because it?s small in size, doesn?t mean it?s easy to tie. Like its larger siblings, it takes time putting all the pieces together. The idea of fishing a small intruder style fly came to me a year ago when fishing close to the ocean for summer run fish in late fall. The prototypes were tied with small, light wire hooks. The fly itself looked great, fished great, and was proportioned nicely?. but failed miserably! The first adult steelhead straightened the hook with very little effort. Tying the fly with the right size hook proved difficult, as my mind is geared strongly to proportions. So, this pattern took some time to develop. But this past season it finally came together. My mind relaxed a bit and allowed me to use a substantial hook while keeping the physical body size at a minimum. Using the right hook, along with a few other additions and modifications, has turned this fly into a very productive pattern.

    The Klamath Intruder has proven to be effective wherever it?s been fished. It?s my go-to pattern in the shoulder season of late fall, and it fishes well into the early months of winter. The color options are many, and it can be tied with or without the lead eyes. A fly that?s a challenge to tie? Perhaps? but a fun one to fish!