• 8 pound: 0.235mm
  • 10 pound: 0.260mm
  • 12 pound: 0.285mm
  • 16 pound: 0.330mm
  • 18 pound: 0.370mm
  • 20 pound: 0.405mm
Price: $15.00
    Points to Purchase:1500
    Points Earned:150
    Bonus Points Earned:0
    • 8 lb test, 3x30m, .235mm
    • 10 lb test, 2x30m, .260mm
    • 16 lb test, -1x25m, .330mm
    • 18 lb test, -2x25m, .370mm
    • 20 lb test, -3x25m, .405mm

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    After struggling with soggy tippet spool labels for years, OPST realized that there was a gaping hole in the market: waterproof labels. They set out to right this sad state of affairs. Not only are OPST's fluorocarbon spool labels waterproof, but the tippet itself is strong. How strong? Not just super strong; mega strong. OPST fluorocarbon comes in 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 and 20 pound test and comes with convenient elastic bands to keep the tippet in check.