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    Mark's Winter Baetis Emerger Trout Fly

    A Mark's Winter Baetis Emarger is stuck in this trout's tounge.

    Winter Baetis Mayflies can be very dark colored. Many nymphs are jet black. The outer skin of the nymph is transparent olive. It is stretched over the dark colored insect inside. As the nymph swims to the surface the adult insect is already separating itself from the nypmphal shuck. Bright green bands form at each abdominal segment.

    This diagram illustrates how a Mark's Winter Baetis Emerger fly suspends through the surface of the water.

    As the skin splits down the back of the head and between the wing pads of the nymph, the dun starts to emerge through this tear. At this point, the insect can neither swim nor fly. It is completely helpless and a perfect target. The bright green reflective bands on the emerging insect are a key to the waiting fish.

    Mark Bachmann pattern.

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