Price: $109.95

    No doubt about it, the 2.5-feet of intermediate density butt section, which is tapered to the fine diameter of the 7.5-feet of tungsten loaded fast-sinking tip smooths out turn-over in every cast, a lot more so than we would have expected. This smooth flow of energy is more noticeable in lighter weight Skagit lines than larger ones, but helpful in every size range. The Flo Tips are looped at both ends for easy assembly and disassembly. These tips are laser labeled for easy identification. Even more impressive is the way they sink, and how deep they fish. Airflo must be able to put more metal powder in their mix than some other companies. Each Kit comes with all four tips in a zippered tip wallet.

    Models / Sizes:
    • T-7: 10' - #7
    • T-10: 10' - #10
    • T-14: 10' - #14
    • T-18: 10' - #18