Price: $5.50

    These are med/large plumes with large herl for tying saltwater flies and bushy Intruder style steelhead flies. This is the grade that the best professional fly tiers use.
    Ostrich herl is used in many types of flies. Herls are soft and absorb water readily for much movement when wet. Herls shed water quickly as soon as they are removed from the water. This makes flies tied with herl lightweight and easy to cast. Herls may be wrapped for bodies or used as streamer wings. Pro's Choice grade herl is perfect for Alec Jackson Spade type flies and Jeff Hickman Fish Taco style flies. When using fat herls with Fish Taco type flies, it is often wise to dress your flies on the sparse side to obtain maximum movement and swimming action. Often around 8-10 herls gives better action than 10-15 herls.
    Average stem length is 12". Average herl length is 4".