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    OPST Swing Hooks

    There is little doubt that barbless hooks cause less trauma than barbed hooks. Fly fishers have always led the way in conserving wild fish of all kinds. Wild steelhead and salmon are extremely valuable and also somewhat fragile. The extra handling needed to remove barbed hooks can't be a plus for fish survival during the release. If you have ever had a barbed hook penetrate your own skin, you know this for sure. OPST has engineered a series of hooks that are designed to hold fish while playing them to your hand, and then facilitate the release process when you want to let them go.

    There is no denying that the guys a OPST have a lot of practical experience. They are all professional fly fishing guides who spend (and have spent) many full seasons helping themselves and their clients to the choicest pieces of anadromous fish water in North America. They are relentless in the search for excellence in their tackle and their use of it to bring them success. OPST Swing Hooks are incredibly sharp and well finished with black chrome so that they can be used in both fresh and saltwater. They are easy to sharpen and even small sizes are very strong. Even the snap top lid on the tough little box that these come in is designed for efficiency and practical use in the field.