• Comes in three densities (sink rates)
  • Floating ( black or clear)
  • Sink rate 2 (dark gray)
  • Sink rate 4 (black)
  • 50mm
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    Pro Sportfisher Nanotube

    The Pro Sportfisher Nanotube is the same diameter as all other Pro tubes and fits all the Pro Sprotfisher accessories, such as discs, weights and cones. The rear part (or the tag) is slightly longer than the Microtube and has two "barbs" for better hold of a Hookguide - ideal for all sizes of flies. 50mm long, trim to any length. Comes in floating, or sinking versions.

    As you have already probably ascertained, the three dark colored Nanotubes are virtually impossible to tell apart when they have been removed from the package, so be careful not to mix them. Number 2 sinking are slightly lighter in color, but the camera can't tell them apart. The sinking tubes have metal powder mixed into the plastic. Because of that, they are hard to melt for stoppers on front-end cones, etc. We suggest that if extra weight is needed for sinking tubes, that it be applied in the body of the fly.