Meiho Fly Boxes are perfect for fly fishing.

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Meiho 8-compartment competition fly box, lime green color, closed, picture
Price: $10.10
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Item #: M-6 -

Meiho Box, 10-Compartment Fly BoxThis very durable, minimalist box has 10 compartments with snap lids. The slick finish and rounded corners make this box easy to pocket. It stays securely closed by means of a heavy duty, metal pinned hinge and snapping lock. The M-62 offers extreme durability and smoothness of operation. This box is small enough that you might carry two of them in the same shirt pocket. Two distinctive colors for easy identification. ...

Meiho 11-compartment Fly Box, complete with lanyard, black, closed, picture
Price: $14.95
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Item #: M-65 -

Meiho Box, 11-CompartmentThis is a larger, more adaptable version of the M-63 box. It offers 11-Compartments which have individual transparent snapping lids. the largest compartment can be divided into 6 additional compartments. This box will carry your bonefish selection and a couple of Permit flies. Stays above the waterline in your shirt pocket and secure to your body with the neck lanyard. ...

Meiho 9-compartment fly box, complete with lanyard, black, picture
Price: $10.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: M-63 -

Meiho Box, 9-CompartmentSlip the attached lanyard around your neck, put this box in your shirt pocket and you have a great setup for a bonefish flat or a mountain stream. There are 9-Compartments which have individual transparent snapping lids. The box and lanyard are traditional black color.

Meiho Waterproof Competition Box, 14 Compartment, Dark Blue, closed, picture
Price: $16.70
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Item #: M- -

Meiho Water Repellent Box, 14-Compartment Competition Fly Boxes Many different sizes of compartments hold different sizes of flies and/or accessories. Extremely water repellent heavy duty latch and O-ring seal. Models M-66, M-660 and M-67 have good applications for bonefish fishermen where flies are small and the fly selection is small. These boxes will also appeal to the mountain stream trout fisherman. Once again the flies and selection are small, but the hazards to the collection getting...

Meiho 16-compartment waterproof competition fly box, color translucent blue, closed, picture
Price: $16.70
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: M-67 -

Meiho Water Repellent Competition Fly Box, 16-CompartmentThis has to be a great box for an angler who is fishing bonefish on flats which have normal to small prey and average size fish. In this box there are eight compartments which have snap lids. These compartments are best sized for #8 & #10 flies. The other side has one large compartment which can be divided into up to 8 compartments which are covered with one large snap lid. These compartments can be configured to hold size #2, #4 & #6...

Meiho Fly Boxes

Individual snap lid compartments to provide extra organization and security for your flies and other accessories. The Meiho fly boxes are designed for competition fishing, but are also perfect for the minimalist angler, who just likes to stick a fly box in a pocket and go fishing. Many models have waterproof seals on the outer shell, in case you wade too deep.