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    Maxima Clear has the same properties as Chameleon, except it doesn't contain the infrared sensitive dye. It has a non-reflective finish that makes it nearly invisible under most light and water conditions. Clear is a good choice for all situations where a dark colored tippet is not appropriate, such as when surface fishing for steelhead, or saltwater flats fishing.
    Maxima Clear is my favorite go-to tippet for Greased-Line steelhead fishing where the fly and the tippet are silhouetted against the sky. I've also used it extensively while fishing deep with sinking tips. It does a great job in this arena too.
    Maxima Clear is a very good leader choice for most saltwater fly fishing. Be aware that if you are fishing for records, you will have to jump up a couple of classes. Maxima Clear has the stiffness to turn over large flies in windy conditions. Having this ability to retain line speed aids casting accuracy for getting your fly into tight spots when fishing mangroves. Clear is hard surfaced for being abrasion resistant. Clear is inexpensive, and can be changed often if abrasions do occur. Larger sizes make good bite tippets for Dorado, and smaller tarpon.
    Blood knot droppers are reliable with Maxima Clear.