Master Drifter Logo Boat Box, a large storage or working fly box, that will hold flies tied on hooks from size-8 to 3/0.
  • 12" long X 9" wide X 4" thick, closed
  • 22.5" long X 12.5" wide X 2" deep, open
  • Tan color
  • Room for approximately (300) 1.5" to 2" long streamer or steelhead flies
  • ample fly drier slit foam pad on the out side of the box (may be used for extra storage)
  • Strong hinges and latches
  • Made to last many years
Price: $34.95

    Master Drifter Logo Boat Box

    The Master Drifter Logo Boat Box is designed as a boat box for large wet flies, steelhead/salmon, saltwater streamer flies. The interior foam pads are thick enough to securely hold flies with hooks as small as #8 or as large as 3/0 size. This box is practical to hold flies from 1" long to 6" long.