• Casts small and streamlined
  • Fishes large and animated
  • Proven fish catcher
  • Replaceable hook
Price: $3.50

    Mark's Marabou Spey Intruder meet the needs of anglers who want extra weight to get their flies deeper than than the water commonly fished with Mark's Marabou Tube flies. These flies are tied on Montana Stainless Steel Fly Shanks, and are equipped with Dazl Eyes for extra weight. Many things such as water speed, angle of presentation, and the length of a particular cast will affect the depth that any fly will fish down to. Flies fished on longer casts normally have a longer time longer to sink, and will get deeper. Each angler will experience different sink rates with the same fly and fly line. Mark's Marabou Spey Intruders are equipped with a #2 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook. The hooks are attached to the fly using fine nylon coated cable. This minimizes the possibility of the hook wrapping around the fly and fouling, which can be common with Intruder hook-attachments that use woven line material such as Fire-Wire. Damaged hooks can be easily replaced without removing the fly from the leader. Simply un-loop the damaged hook, and replace it with a fresh one.

    Black & Blue:
    The go-to color for dark days, especially when fishing glacial fed rivers .In many types of fishing situations it pays to have different weights of flies to make fine-tuning your presentation easier and quicker. From my experience, metal weighted eyes will get your fly about 10% - 30% deeper than the same fly tied on an unweighted plastic tube. Another asset for this type of fly is that the hook is often at the extreme rear end of the fly. Short-strikes rarely happen with this type of fly.

    Red & Orange: Naturally the Red & Orange Intruder evolved from the Red & Orange Tube Fly, because this combination of colors has been proven to be effective when winter water is low and clear. In the Pacific Northwest, these winter days are nearly always accompanied with cold east wind and bright sunlight. During these periods, steelhead seek deeper flows where they have the most cover. A fly which naturally sinks as fast or faster than your sinking tip helps get your fly to the places where most of these will be. Many times, during these situations where a deeper sunk fly is needed, an Intermediate Skagit head can be a real asset. These denser heads allow a straighter line to a slower moving fly, which can instill aggressiveness in dour fish.

    Sandy Candy: The Sandy Candy is a prominent early winter fly. December and January are the coldest months of the year, simply because the days are shortest. During this same time, steelhead are passing through clouds of pinkish orange cocktail shrimp that are spawning over the continental shelf along the Oregon and Washington coasts. Maybe the Sandy Candy is attractive because it mimics these shrimp or maybe the color corresponds with the cold blood coursing through the veins of the predator fish that are returning home. This color contrasts with muddy water as well. Fact is, this pinkish-orange color is tasty to early winter steelhead. You need some.