• Mark's Tan Damsel
  • Neutral Buoyancy
  • Deadliest Trout Fly in mud bottom reserviors
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    Mark's Tan Damsel Nymph

    Mark's Tan Damsel Nymph stuck in the rainbow trout's jaw.

    This fly started out in the mid-1990's as a Damsel Fly Nymph, but became so much more. I pumped the stomach of a nice rainbow caught from Laurence Lake near Mt. Hood and out came a couple of damsel fly nymphs. One was still alive. They were mottled tan and brown instead of the normal olive color of most damsel nymphs. There were a number of bright red adult damsels flitting around in proximity, and I assumed that the tannish nymphs might be related to them. I never have been able to prove if that were true or not. But, the fly pattern that I tied mostly from tan dyed Chickabou proved to be deadly on trout in mud bottom lakes when stripped slowly near the bottom.