• Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant.
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  • Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  • Power Matrix Drag System.
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  • Distinct click (not available on 46).
  • Precisely counterbalanced.

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    There are very few classic American type fly reels available on the market today. Those that have survived are mostly built by small shops at huge prices. The Loop Classic is both more affordable and more reliable than any of the competitors. The Loop Classic is equipped with ventilated or solid side-plates. I have owned a Loop Classic 811 since first production in the early 1990's. It is my favorite reel for hunting very large anadromous fish in large rivers, because the drag system can get the full potential out of 20-pound test Maxima tippet. Currently it resides on my 7140-4 Sage X, but is equally well balanced on my G. Loomis 1509/10-4G Scandi (12'6"-#9/10). I also like it on my 8146 LTS Across Lt. Fact is, I just like it!

    Beneath the stunning looks of the Classic fly reel is the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue the strongest of fish in the harshest conditions. The completely waterproof drag system benefits from a pronounced click that signals "fish on" through your ears into your every vein. The friction of the "clicker" alone is enough to keep this reel from back-lashing, and combined with the disc drag, gives this reel one of the smoothest braking systems available. Many of my clients use these reels, and some have been on the water hundreds of days.

    The Classic is completely corrosion resistant and benefits from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance. Available in either left or right-hand wind, each reel is individually numbered and presented in a handcrafted leather case. With its old world classic looks and ultra-modern braking power, you will get the best of both worlds. Loop calls it tradition with an attitude.

    Please note: Model 46 does not have the Power matrix drag system. It comes with a very light and smooth adjustable click and drag which functions in both directions. This function is designed only to prevent spool overrun.

    Loop Classic Reels come right or left hand wind.

    46 CR4-6 WF5 + 130/20 3.27" 1.97" 7.97 oz $679
    58 CR5-8 WF7 + 250/20 3.54" 1.97" 8.47 oz $705
    79 CR7-9 WF9F + 250/20 3.74" 2.36" 11.92 oz $825
    811 CR8-11 WF10F + 220/30 3.94" 2.56" 12.63 oz $1,065
    1013 CR10-13 WF12F + 350/30 4.13" 2.56" 13.58 oz $1,065
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Loop Classic 811

    Purchased the Loop 811 primarily as a Chinook reel and have not been disappointed. Beautifully machined with the look and feel of a classic click/pawl reel plus the added benefit of a bullet proof drag system. Balances well with both my 9129 and 9135. Great reel!!

    Pretty much bullet proof

    I have owned my 811 for about 4 years now and have put it through the mill. I am not the most graceful of people, I have dropped it on several occasions, smacked it up against rocks, even dropped my rod in the river as it rolled down the current and ended on the bottom of a deep pool. We fished it out and it wasn't even dented! Love this reel!