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Airflo Delta Spey II Delta Spey 2 Shooting Head Floating
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Airflo Delta Spey IISmooth, graceful castsAfter ten years of being the go-to long belly Spey line, it was time for an upgrade. Taking advantage of new materials and concepts in Spey line design, the Airflo dream team of Dec Hogan and Tim Rajeff worked some magic to bring forward this new Delta Spey II line. A longer, more traditional bellied line that exudes smooth casting strokes and graceful length casts. The Delta Spey II is a superbly balanced line across the full range of sizes and this...

Beulah Aero Head Spey Line Beulah Aero Head Spey Line
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Travis Johnson shows perfect loop control with the new Beulah Aero Head Spey shooting head.The Beulah Aero Head is perfect for large rivers, such as Oregon's Deschutes.The Beulah AERO HEAD series are?modern? mid-belly Spey shooting heads. The taper is designed to optimize casting distance, yet minimize stripping associated with shorter Scandinavian style shooting heads. Beulah AERO HEADs deliver?well?arrow head shaped, high line speed loops that turn over positively at all distances.?Modern????...

RIO InTouch Short Head Spey RIO InTouch Short Head Spey
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The InTouch Short Head Spey line from RIO is a very easy casting, traditional style Spey line with a short head that is ideal for Spey casters moving up from easier casting Scandi and Skagit heads. The head length varies between 40 ft and 50 ft, depending on line size, and it is a great choice of traditional Spey line for anglers using shorter rods and when fishing in tight quarters. The line has an integrated running line built in, and is an interchangeable tip style line - meaning the front...