• Barracuda fly
  • Pre-rigged with wire bite tippet and 2/0 hook
  • Easy to cast with the right rod (see below)
  • Often can be re-used
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $13.95

    Ka-Cudda Fly

    This fly comes complete with 12" of stainless steel bite tippet attached to a super-sharp black-nickel plated 2/0 hook. Ka-Cuddas are a little over 7-inches long, but are extremely lightweight and are easy to cast if you use the right outfit. They may be fished with either floating or sinking lines, But the best method is to use a RIO Outbound line with a 15' clear tip. I use a very short level #40 fluorocarbon leader (no more than 3-feet). It helps if you coat the line tip with a greasy line dressing to keep it on the surface. Ka-Cudas are large flies and need a lot of energy to turn them over. The clear tip on the fly line acts as part of the leader. Target your cast at least six feet in front of, or off to the side of the cuda. As soon as the fly lands give it a twitch and then a very long fast strip. That is usually all it takes to get hooked up. Strikes are usually vicious and instantaneous. You can not move this fly too fast. Cudas like to attack from the side so they can cut their prey in half. With a Ka-Cudda, this normally results in the fish hooked in the corner of the mouth. Then the body of the fly usually migrates up the leader where it remains comparatively unharmed to be used again. Be sure to carry a rigged cuda rod in the boat as you are poled around on the flats. Or have your guide carry the cuda rod if you are wading and stalking bonefish. A 12-weight rod is not too large for cudas from 30" - 50". Cudas can require a lot of backing on your reel. Ka-Cuddas are expensive, but they do the job better than any other fly and they are not easy to make, and they are pre-rigged, and re-usable. We suggest that you carry at least three.