Johnson's Riffle Raper
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    Claret or wine colored flies have had a place in the color spectrum of anglers around the globe. I first started noticing the effective nature of this color about nine years ago. I had two different groups at different times throughout the summer steelhead season that were doing rather well. The first fished a classic Irish pattern called the "Irishman's Claret." This simple but eye catching fly seemed to shine, even when fishing was tough. The other group had an adaptation of a "Fiddle D," a very popular steelhead fly at the end of the last century.

    After seeing how many fish these groups consistently brought to their flies, I saw the need for a few claret flies in my box. As a tyer, I kind of combined the two patterns. I can honestly tell you when times are tough and my clients start getting fly anxiety, I go with the flow and trust my choices.... and I trust this one. You will too.
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    Why not Dr. Pepper

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    I bought a dozen of this fly last December thinking it will be a nice low water Fall fly for Steelhead on the Southern Great Lakes. I decided to pull one out last week during a lunch trip to the river. After trying a dependable zonker pattern, then another spey type and only getting the attention on one fish, I put on this fly. At first it didn't work on a slow swing to some suspected dropback lies where I could see shadows of fish in 3 feet of water. When I threw the fly upstream, gave it a hard mend downstream (to face the fly downstream like a fleeing minnow) A female steelhead chased it across the pool and slammed it. When I got her in she was a solid 7 pound dropback. I tossed the streamer upstream again and again, same technique. Fifteen minutes later I landed my 4th all between 6-9 pounds. Had to get back to work. Went out the next two mornings for a couple hours each day with some success, though it's hard to compare to the 4 fish in 20 minutes of fly time day one. Needless to say, this fly will be in my box for the future. Of course I had to share a few with friends and lost a couple to strong fish and rocks.

    I have to be honest though, as a Father of 3 daughters, you need a different name. "Raper" of anything just doesn't sound right in our society. I'm calling it my Dr. Pepper Fly. Thank you,
    Rickerd - Rocky River, OHIO