Price: $2.50

    Travis Johnson's "Get-Cha-Some" is a careful blend of proven traditional proportions with both natural and space age synthetic fibers. This fly was designed to come alive when wet, swimming with a seductive action. It is at once easily seen by the fish, but the subdued colors are non-threatening. The Get-Cha-Some is a proven come-back fly, often taking fish that that have risen to, but refused a gaudier offering.

    Travis says, "It seemed that for an entire season nearly every client showed up with the same selection of flies. Steelhead within the river saw the same flies over and over again until they became stale. What was needed was a fly that was a little different, but not too unconventional. The Get-Cha-Some evolved from the vise to fill this angling need. It was an instant success."
    "I wanted a fly that brought back that classic look with the same color composition of the beloved skunk. I use the double ribbings, contemporary of the flies tied in the mid to late 1800?s. The usual stiff calf tail wing was discarded in favor of lighter weight flowing synthetic material. The wing seems to reflect the colored ribbings so it helps the fly to glow."
    "It has been the only fly that I have ever personally witnessed a double steelhead landing where the fish were close enough to be able to be photographed together. There has to be something about that fly. Check it out for your self."