Price: $2.75

    Jig Nymph Bead Head Mini Bugger

    What we say:

    In recent years there has been a European wave of patterns and techniques. Among them we found the euro- nymphing style of flies tied on jig hooks to be a welcome addition to our fly selection. Jig hooks are designed to ride point up. This seems like pretty basic change to a classic nymphs design but makes all the difference in the world. When you�re fishing a deeply sunk nymph with a standard hook point down, it risks hanging up on the bottom more frequently. This not only interrupts your drift but can dull your hook points resulting in lost fish. The jig bead head gets your fly into the zone quickly and keeps it there. It presents in a more natural horizontal position due to the jig style of hook, and when tied on with a loop knot can produce a very seductive natural motion in the water. It features a buggy dubbed body with a partridge soft hackle collar. This revamp of a standard attractor pattern is deadly in the Pacific Northwest fished alone or as a dropper. It fishes well dead drifted or swung in both lakes and streams. It is a great mimic of many different invertebrates: young crayfish, swimming mayfly nymphs, brown damsel nymphs, and leeches will all be well represented by this pattern. This fly matches the natural color of many trout foods that live in mud bottom reservoirs. It should be a staple in every trout and panfish angler's boxes across the country.