• Jake's Double Money Nymph
  • Three colors
  • Two sizes
  • Double beads for weight
  • Deep sinking
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $2.95

    Jake's Double Money Nymphs

    This fast sinking nymph pattern comes from the tying vise and inventive mind of Montana Fly Company's Jake Chutz. The Double Money series is available in three shades: brown, olive and rust, and is so named for the double copper beads used in the construction. The extra bead gives the fly additional weight to load a Euro nymph rod during casting and also to get the fly down to depth very quickly and keep it there. During behavioral drift cycles most real nymphs stay within a couple of inches of the bottom. Or if the nymph is going to rise to the surface, it normally does so fairly quickly. The Double Money Nymphs can be fished close to the bottom and then slowly lifted to the surface of the water. Double Money nymphs have dressing that can simulate a shuck and emerging wings like a fly losing its nymphal shuck while rising to the surface. They work on many rivers because they sink fast and can simulate many different insects at various stages of their life cycle.