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    These hook sharpeners are made from diamond grit embedded in stainless steel. They need no maintenance and seem impervious to salt water. They sharpen by removing metal and work equally well when stroked in any direction.
    An easily accessible hook sharpener is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Sharp hooks land a higher percentage of fish than dull ones. A hook point is a cutting edge. All cutting edges become dull with use. Anglers who regularly inspect and maintain their hook points land more fish. As a matter of efficiency, the sharpening tool must be easy and quick to use. It must also be able to perform a variety of tasks and be able to reach all surfaces of the hook point. These Diamond Hones are the best hook sharpening tools we have found. Each size has flat and grooved abrasive surfaces and a different texture on each side. The 4" Sharpener has fine and medium grit and the 6" Sharpener has medium and heavy grit. The 4" Sharpener is best suited for sharpening hook sizes #20 to #1. The 6" Sharpener is best suited for sharpening hook sizes #4 to #10/0.
    These diamond hones will also sharpen knives and scissors and perform many other useful tasks.