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    No other material moves in the water like wet rabbit strip. Every hair comes to life. Its recent popularity in new age steelhead flies can not be over estimated. Flies, which display a lot of life-like movement, are most successful under the widest range of conditions. According to our correspondence with Oregon Marine Science Center biologist, Dr. William Pearcy, West Coast steelhead eat a lot of squid while at sea. According to stomach sample autopsies from steelhead caught beyond the continental shelf, up to 90% of their diet can be juvenile squid. These rabbit strip flies have similar silhouettes and movements as squid. This may be a contributor to their success in the Pacific Northwest. However, these flies are also effective on Great Lakes steelhead, which have never seen squid. That is because these flies also look like worms, leeches, juvenile lampreys and all kinds of other yummy stuff.