• Bar stock 6061 main construction
  • High impact Composite Cassettes
  • Unique 'ASR' (assisted spool release) cassette spool system
  • Line ID system
  • Multi pad, color coded 340 degree disc drag
  • Heavily ported lightweight design
  • Full size range
  • Supplied with two additional spare cassettes and neoprene case
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Tested two full seasons by FlyFishUSA team
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    The Hardy ASR Fly Fishing Reel

    The Hardy ASR is certainly the most modern cassette fly fishing reel. Possibly the ultimate "system" reel, the new Hardy ASR (Assisted Spool Release) reel features a fast, easy to use spool release system that actively frees the spool at the flick of a switch and automatically engages the new spool with a simple push fit. Also new to this range is a lightweight size specifically designed for the challenges of modern river fishing.

    This is at present, the ultimate reel for the angler who fishes at different depths by changing lines of different sink rates, colors, or sizes (lake fisher, etc.). Nothing beats a cassette reel for economy or efficiency when you need to carry multiple lines. Even fly fishers who use shooting heads, but who also require the use of several different shooting lines will find a cassette system more enjoyable than carrying several reels. More About Cassette Fly Fishing Reels