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Angel Hair Angel Hair
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The first definition in Google for Angel Hair says, "Angel hair is an alleged substance of unknown origin, said to be dispersed from UFOs as they fly overhead. It is so named for its similarity to fine hair, or spiders' webs, and is comparable to ectoplasm and pixie dust." However, the material on this page is composed of strands of very fine Mylar much like Flashabou, but even finer still. Angel Hair is in 6" to 8" strands for tying hot patterns like Scandinavian Tube Flies. It blends well...

Craft Fur Craft Fur
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The longest and fullest craft fur we have ever seen. Perfect for all your streamer, steelhead, salmon and saltwater needs.

EP Fibers EP Fibers
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Enrico Puglisi Fibers are 10? in length, amazingly translucent, and have an action between MARABOU and BUCKTAIL. They come in 59 different colors and are perfect for imitating large baitfish such as Menhaden, Herring, Mullet and Mackerel as well as 1? to 2? baitfish. Large flies tied with those fibers are a dream to cast up to 90? because the first back cast removes all the water from the fibers. THEY DO NOT ABSORB WATER. Use your imagination and there is no limit to the flies you can create...

EP Silky Fibers EP Silky Fibers
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Puglisi Silky Fibers take the creative fly tier to places as yet unknown because no synthetic fibers have this much life in the water. This soft material glistens and comes alive when immersed in any water. When used in steelhead flies, Silky Fibers can take the place of fox fur or marabou and is more durable than either one. These 7 inch fibers are died exquisite colors. The dark colors are rich and light absorbent. The bright colors are brighter than any natural fiber. Squid patterns, Scandi...

Faux Bucktail Faux Bucktail, synthetic hair, perfect for tying a wide range of flies, fly tying
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Fish Skull Faux Bucktail Faux Bucktail is synthetic bucktail which is better than real hair; plus, Bambi didn't have to die for this stuff. It is easy to stack and easy to tie with. Faux Bucktail is capable of tying everything from tiny dry flies to massive articulated streamers. The next six examples of fly patterns below were tied by The Fly Fishing Shop's employee, Frank Day.Here a mixture of Faux Bucktail and various kinds of flash are used to tie a 7-inch long (3) section articulated pike...

Fluoro Fibre Fluoro Fibre
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This is a fluorescent microfiber that will make any fly "light up" in the water. It is ideal for gills, lateral lines and becomes highly visible when tied with Polar Fiber or Slinky Fiber. Ultra-fine textured synthetic, very little bulk.

Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe, Flourescent Chartreuse, picture
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Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe Shimmer Fringe is straight Ice Dub fibers fused at one end for organization.  The strands are about 3 1/2" long and are in hanks 3 1/2" wide". There are 3 pieces per package. Each piece is organized like natural hair that is the perfect length and density for tying bass, steelhead intruders and medium size saltwater flies. Shimmer Fringe is made from highly reflective, supple, thin Mylar strands.

Polar Aire Polar Aire
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Polar Aire is very similar to SLF and a key component in many of our dubbing blends. It has a glassy gleam, is soft, and has a lot of movement in the water. This makes great wings for streamers or can be chopped up and blended for a multitude of uses.

Senyos Barred Predator Wrap Senyos Barred Predator Wrap
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This is what you need to increase color, depth and movement in your flies. Great for adding flash to streamers or collars to steelhead flies. Two wraps is about all you need to create impressive looking collars and bodies.