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Picture, Angler posing with a Deschutes steelhead with The Fly Fishing Shops Jet Boat in the background.
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All Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing Trips conducted by me In 2019 will be downstream from Mack's Canyon campground using a jet boat for transportation. Parties will meet at the Mack's Canyon boat launch. State regulations disallow fishing from a floating device. All fishing is done while wading. You are waist deep in the riffle, shadows of the basalt ramparts above turn the water golden brown. The fly rides in the surface film under light tension, the long rod balances lightly in your hand....

Picture, Deschutes River Trout Camp
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Deschutes River Trout Camp Multiple hatches of stoneflies (including salmonflies) crawl out of the lower Deschutes River during the first 2-weeks of May. These hatches fire up the famous Deschutes Redside Trout while the nymphs are migrating, and after the adults crawl out. Stonefly egg laying activity can trigger incredible dry fly fishing. Along with the stonefly activity there will be mayfly, midge and caddis hatches. These trout camp-out trips will be conducted the same as our famous fall...