Chinook Salmon eat flies in Oregon
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    Lots of folks spend big bucks and go to Alaska for Chinooks. True Alaska Chinooks are often bigger, but Oregon Chinooks bite flies just as well and you don't have to worry about bears or skeeters while you are fishing. Oregon Spring Run Chinooks average 14-20 pound but may exceed 30 pounds. They are very strong for their size. We recommend 8-9 weight Spey rods. Our rivers are comparatively easy to wade, and are of a size that is easy to handle. Success rates are slightly better than winter steelhead. Services and prices are the same as steelhead float trips : $500 per day.

     Weekend dates are not available. Chinook fishing success is dependent on having good water levels, and this year we have a good solid high elevation snow-pack for perfect water levels for success. In 2020 Mark is fishing for Chinooks from 5/20 -6/19. Review the Online Outfitter Calendar pages May & June for when Mark is OPEN or BOOKED for Spring Chinook Trips. Back to Sandy River Fly Fishing Guide Page