Price: $3.50

    The classic versions of the Spey and General Practitioner flies are as effective and legendary as they are beautiful. If a steelhead and salmon angler had to make a choice between the two of these flies and could fish only one, the process of choosing might take the better part of a fishing day and require a Tylenol chaser. Innovative Northwest steelhead, salmon, and spey-casting angler Charles St. Pierre has created another unique fly by combining the best attributes of two legendary flies to form a blended version of the classic General Practitioner and Dee style Spey flies called "The GP Spey."

    With the addition of a spey length marabou collar and a longer spey style hackle instead of the classic saddle hackle of the General Practitioner, the fly has a slightly longer and larger profile to increase its action and its ability to attract fish. The tinsel ribbed rear half of the fly along with the bright synthetic dubbed body creates a subtle glow and flash to the core of the silhouette. The tail, eyes, and shellback are classically set and add to the overall natural appearance and appeal of the fly. It is dressed lightly to increase its ability to sink and be cast easily for both single hand and two handed casters using either floating or sinking lines.

    The "GP Spey" and the color variations used for this series are standards for anadromous fly fishing and have proven over the years to be extremely effective on many of the steelhead streams of the Northwest and British Columbia. This is a personal favorite fly for summer and fall with low water conditions and one of the best all around go-to flies in the angling business for nearly any salmon or steelhead fishing situation and season.