A great summertime trout fly.
  • Sculpted from natural deer body hair
  • Floats well if treated with floatant
  • A deadly fly if cycled and dried between fish
  • Easy to waterlog
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    Goddard Caddis

    The Goddard Caddis is on of the great "back-eddy" flies for our local rivers such as the Deschutes where caddis flies hatch and die daily through the summer months. The trout in the larger eddies get quite a bit of attention from anglers and therefore get smart and selective. If your imitation has feelers you are much more likely to get sollid hooups.
    Apparently this pattern was first tied by John Goddard and Cliff Henry in Britain to imitate a caddis that swims across the surface after emerging. Many local caddis do this and the Goddard caddis is a great imitation. Many of our caddis have learned to walk on water.