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Simms ExStream Foldover Mitt Simms ExStream Foldover Mitt
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In-river change-ups in a snapShake hands with abysmal autumnal weather and stay toasty in the process thanks to Simms' new ExStream Foldover Mitt. Formulated for fishing through the surly stuff, mitts feature Polartec Powershield Pro for potent water resistance and high-loft insulation, while DWR-coated stretch fleece fabric puts unmatched warmth-to-weight performance and dexterity in the palm of your paws. When it's time to tie knots, or punch keys to access weather apps, mitts snap to the...

Simms ExStream Half-Finger Glove Simms ExStream Half-Finger Glove
Price: $49.95
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Full-time dexterity in a half-finger optionKeep your fishing hands ecstatic and elastic, with the full-time performance of Simms' ExStream Half-Finger gloves. Powered by Polartec Powershield Pro, these water-resistant warmth generators block downstream gusts with aplomb, while allowing just the right amount of air circulation to wick moisture and enhance breathability. With fingers left free for knot tying and line management duties, sueded overlays bolster durability and deliver non-slip grip...

Simms Freestone Half-Finger Glove Simms Freestone Half-Finger Glove
Price: $19.95
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Simms G4 Glove Simms G4 Glove
Retail: $119.95
Price: $83.95
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For hands used to hammering throttles and pulling on oars, Simms' G4 Glove crushes circulation-killing temperatures and drops them into the drink. Featuring GORE-TEX XTRAFIT, these layer-constructed gloves are fully waterproof and highly dexterous thanks to form-fitting ergonomics. Stretch woven panels bolster mobility. Debossed goat leather palms, with Pittards Oiltac overlays, deliver non-slip grip in a sleet storm. And shingled neoprene cuffs prevent encroaching water from sneaking up and...

Simms Skeena Glove Simms Skeena Glove
Price: $39.95
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Fully Waterproof from Wrist to FingertipsUnfurl the map. Run your fingers along the Coastal Range ridges. And get decked out for steelhead season warmth in Simms' Skeena Glove. Fully waterproof from wrist to fingertips, these gloves feature a shark-skin textured palm for superior bite on slippery objects. Deluxe interior laminate material includes a moisture-wicking grid fleece. And gasket cuffs seal the wrist, blocking migrating water from trespassing up your sleeves.

Simms SolarFlex SunGlove Simms SolarFlex SunGlove
Price: $29.95
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Maximum sun protection for your handsKnot tying, line stripping and pocket opening. Our hands are the most important tool in our kit. Give yours the respect they deserve with our SolarFlex® SunGlove. From hot sun to fast moving line, these lightweight gloves extend the range of what your hands can handle without compromising your knot tying or line handling dexterity. Extended cuffs meet your shirt sleeves for full sun coverage and the breathable stretch fabric provides practical coverage for...

Wool Half-Finger Glove Wool Half-Finger Glove
Price: $24.95
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An old favorite updated for long-term performance.Merino wool is exceptional for performance outdoor wear because the fabric is excellent at regulating body temperature by keeping you warm on cold days and cooler on warm days. It has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibers trap body heat. It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin to provide excellent moisture management, the wool fiber absorbs and releases 10X the moisture of synthetic...

Gloves for Fly Fishing

Many types of gloves are used while fly fishing. Some gloves are worn for protection from the sun. Others are used for protection from cold. Still others are used for protection from skin abrasion, or for friction while tailing or handling fish. Fingerless gloves provide protection from the elements, while enabling the user to tie knots, etc. Fingered gloves are used for rowing during a cold boat ride. Carry an extra pair of gloves in your dry bag. Dry gloves are better insulation than wet gloves.