• Umpqua Glide Fly Line Dressing
  • Cleans and rejuvinates fly lines
  • Makes fly lines float higher
  • Reduces friction
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    Umpqua Glide Fly Line Dressing

    Umpqua Glide is a line treatment designed to simultaneously clean and slicken up your fly line. Now there is no secret magic that will bring dead or broken fly line back to life, but glide will certainly help a seasoned fly line travel through the rod guides easier and give you greater line speed than before application.

    Use of Glide Line Dressing will help you to cast your lines with greater ease at all distances. It can be used on all types of fly lines and protects lines so they will last longer. Glide is long lasting and dries with a hard, slick finish that will not accumulate unwanted debris.