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    Big trevally from Christmas Island.

    Designed primarily for roosterfish in the Sea of Cortez, the Roosta Series has accounted for many other sportfish as well. Roostas are best presented with fly lines that get them to the strike-zone quickly. For that reason sinking shooting heads lines are best. Sight fishing is an advantage. Target your fish so that it has little time to analyze your offering. Cast a straight, tight line. Be ready to strip as soon as the fly hits the water.

    Many fish that live in saltwater have a dark band on the trailing edge of the tail. It is one of the details that larger predator key on. The Olive/White Roosta simulates many baitfish that are found along darker shorelines. This fly also works over deep water.

    The Tan/White Roosta works well when fished over sandy bottoms, the kind that are patrolled by roosterfish, jacks or trevally.