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    Frog Hair Strike Indicators incorporate a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure adjustments on all knotless leaders. As the fisherman moves up or down the stream, he or she will encounter the need to adjust the depth at which the fly rides. With the Frog Hair Strike Indicator, the fisherman simply grabs the indicator and slides it into the desired position, lets go, and continues fishing. Because the indicator adjustment utilizes friction grip technology, there are no rubber bands to twist, no toothpicks to tangle on and no sticky residue left on your line. The Ultimate Strike Indicator system also can be set-up as a "Slider". Set one rubber stop at the depth you want to fish. Then set the other near your split shot. Let the strike indicator slide on your leader between the two stops. This set-up can really aid casting as the bulky strike indicator is near the flies when the cast is made and then it slides up the leader as the weighted flies sink to the bottom. This system is most helpful when heavy nymphs and larger indicators are used. Because the rubber stops are held in place by friction, they can be moved and reconfigured instantly and often.

    Micro (3/8" x 3/16"), Small (11/16" x 3/8"),
    Medium (7/8" x 9/16"), Large (1" x 11/16")