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Wasatch Revolving Hackle Pliers Wasatch Revolving Hackle Pliers
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These hackle pliers rotate on the handle providing even tension and a clear line of sight. One side of the unique rubber tipped clip is flat so that it may be worked very close to other material, such as when winding a parachute hackle.

Zephur Fly Tying Vise, picture from
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This is the vise that we have been waiting for, one that holds hooks securely while you work, but didn't break the bank. This appears to be a high performance, and very low risk piece of equipment. The Zephr vise is ideally suited for flies in the size-2 through size-16 range, which covers most of the sizes of flie that most anglers tie. The jaws are cam-locked, and when new they hold a variety of hooks securely. This vise is very compact for travelling, as well as inexpensive enough for the...