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BVK Super Large Arbor Spool BVK Super Large Arbor Spool
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Picture, Echo Base Fly Reel, quartering view
Price: $45.00
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Echo Bravo Reels A durable, impact-resistant composite frame equipped with a bomb-proof drag system and stainless inner components. Perfect for beginning anglers and dyed-in-the-wool fisher-folk just the same. At a price like this, you can’t go wrong with the Base reel. ModelDiameterWidthWeightCapacityBase 2/33.00".90"4.7ozWF3 +75yd/20lbBase 4/53.50".90"5.1ozWF5 + 100yd/20lbBase 6/83.90"1.1"6.0ozWF7 + 175yd/20lb ...

Picture, Echo Bravo Fly Reel, Front Quartering
Price: $119.95
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Starting with Echo's proven drag design, they cut, shaved, and overhauled the core of the reel until they could shoehorn a four-layer carbon fiber drag system into the hub of the ECHO BRAVO LITE reels. The design includes O-rings to keep water and dirt from entering the guts of the reel. The design allows a person to not only change the retrieve from left to right without tools, but also completely disassemble the drag and service it without spilling a drop of their beer.

Picture, Echo Bravo Reel, Front
Price: $139.95
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Echo Bravo Reels Revolutionary reel drag systems only come around once in a blue moon. Revolutionary drag systems that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Even rarer. The ECHO Bravo reel features our new saltwater-safe PIT STOP drag system, allowing tool-free access to the reel’s carbon fiber disc drag system so you can keep salt where it belongs: on the rim of a margarita glass. The reel’s extra-large arbor and low startup inertia round out your new favorite fish-taming machine. ModelDiameterWidthWei...

Picture, Echo Shadow Click Reel, front
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Price: $99.95
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Echo Shadow Click Reel Echo's Revolutionary new “adjustable frame” design is available in two sizes so you can fish with both conventional trout lines or thin Euro Nymph lines. The Line Window keeps your thin diameter lines protected from the gaps and other areas that can grab it. If you are going to use your Echo Shadow Click Reel with regular fly lines, there is no need to move the line guard from the "Standard Placement". The Echo Shadow Click was meant to be a somewhat...

Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reel, angle shot, picture.
Price: $799.00
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Hardy Cascapedia - possibly the world's finest salmon/steelhead reel. The Cascapedia is a modern classic fly reel. Two Spey sizes are offered: 8/9 weighing 12.7-ounces for rods of 13-14', requiring 7/8/9 weight fly lines, and 10/11 weighing 14-ounces for rods of 13-15', requiring 9/10/11 weight fly lines. A fully adjustable disc drag will exert enough pressure to land very large salmon, or steelhead. These reels are weighted to balance perfectly with two-hand rods.The disc drag is augmented by...

Loon Reel Lube Loon Reel Lube
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A combination of lubricants and water repellent, Reel Lube gives reels extended protection from rust and friction. It will increase the performance and lifetime of a reel.

Marquis Reel Marquis Reel
Price: $325.00
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Sage SPECTRUM Reel Sage SPECTRUM Reel, all new for 2018, fully machined, waterproof drag, four sizes, trout, steelhead, salmon, saltwater
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Sage SPECTRUM Reels The Spectrum replaces the popular Sage 4200 reels series. All NEW for 2018, the fully machined SPECTRUM is a true large arbor performance fly reel suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use. With concave spool surface for optimal line capacity and drag-assisting smoothness, the SPECTRUM is lightweight, extremely durable, and packed with features you’d expect on higher priced reels. SPECTRUM reels come in sizes: 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10, which means there are sizes for...

Speedster Spool Speedster Spool
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Super Lube Super Lube
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Super Lube is a patented, multi-purpose synthetic lubricant, containing SYNCOLON (PTFE) particles held in suspension. Super Lube lasts longer and outperforms conventional petroleum-based greases and oils. Works best in "click-pawl" type reels or anywhere maximum friction could occur between metal parts.

TFO BVK Reel, Green, Picture
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TFO BVK Reels The BVK Fly Reel series was designed and fully tested by fly fishing celebrity Lefty Kreh. In his heyday Lefty took fly casting to a dimension that has rarely, or maybe ever duplicated. Of course every tackle company wanted Lefty on their team. They rained the finest tackle the world make upon him. Lefty didn't need to design his own fly reels, but he remembered growing up poor, when fly fishing was a rich guy sport. Lefty wanted to design great tackle that average-income type...

Wide Spool Perfect Spool 3-7/8" Wide Spool Perfect Spool 3-7/8"
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Wide Spool Perfect Spool 4" Wide Spool Perfect Spool 4"
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