Clean fly lines cast further with less tangles than dirty fly lines. To maximize your performance, clean your lines each evening after fishing. Guaranteed you will perform better than if you don't. You can clean your fly line with a rag and soap and water. But after a while, parts of chemistry that keeps a fly line supple and durable tend to leech out of the line. It is better to use a cleaner/conditioner, such as Umpqua Glide, RIO Agent X, Russ Peak, or Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing.

It is easy:

  • Pour some cleaner/dressing on a clean rag, paper towel, or even better into a Glide Line Dressing Box.
  • Fold the rag, paper towel over the fly line. Or put your line in the slots of the Glide Line Box and pull your line through the cleaner/dressing several times to scrub of any dirt that has collected on the line surface.
  • Then remove the cleaner/dressing with a paper towel. The abrasive surface of the paper towel will help polish the line.
  • Replace the line onto your reel.
  • It is best to maintain your line several hours before fishing to let the cleaner/dressing cure.
  • Do this chore at the end of every fishing day and your line will perform at top quality.