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Airflo Shooting Head Wallet Airflo Shooting Head Wallet
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Airflo Head Bag WalletThis wallet features a handle and heavy nylon pack cloth cover containing six 7-1/2" x 6" zip lock pouches that are held in place by two binding clip rings. Airflo Shooting Heads are now packaged in identical pouches when they are purchased new, and can be simply snapped into this wallet. Designed by Tim Rajeff to take the �Messing with your Head� out of shooting heads. The Head Wallet will hold a variety of Shooting Heads, Skagit heads, or any number of sink tips. We...

Braided Loops, 4 Loops per Pack Braided Loops, 4 Loops per Pack
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RIO Braided Loops are a quick and easy way to attach a leader to a fly line or the backing to the line. Just slip the hollow braided mono over the end of your line, slide the sleeve over the fly line to the end of the braid, apply a little Zap-A-Gap, loop on your leader and you?re ready to fish. Braided loops are also used for building custom changeable tip fly lines that are popular with steelhead and salmon anglers. ...

Maxima Sharktooth Line Control System Maxima Sharktooth Line Control System
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With its patented, integrated razor blade, the SharkTooth Line Management System is an innovative tool no angler should be without. Keep all your line spools organized and accessible without tangles or loose ends. Quick and easy to place on spools and cut the exact length of line you need. 3 line cutters per pack. Sharktooth 1.75, for small narrow spools. Fits 1.75" - 3.5" spoolsSharktooth 2.5, for Maxima Leader Wheels. Fits 2.5" - 4.5" spools ...

RIO Level T Welding Tubing RIO, Level T, Welding Tubing, heat shrink tubing, for weling loops, on fly lines
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RIO Heat Shrink Tubing for welding Fly Lines RIO Welding Tubing compliments the InTouch level “T” sinking material, allowing anglers and fly shops to customize the length of each sink tip by welding a loop in the end. The Level “T” Welding Tubing is a heat-shrink tubing that sits over a doubled-back fly line to allow for an easy welded loop to be performed. There are two sizes of tubing available, “Regular” and “Large”. The Regular tubing has an internal diameter of 1/16th of an inch and is...