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Curtis Creek Manifesto, book, Picture
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In 1978 the fly fishing community evolved it's own illuminated manuscript: the Curtis Creek Manifesto. If you think about it, the illuminated manuscripts of the dark ages with pictures and writing on the same page produced the comic book format of the 20th Century. These types of publications were meant to communicate at the most basic levels. Wording was very simple. Illustrations were compelling to readers who needed a certain amount of stimulation to get them to read at all. My own...

Fly Fishing Basics Fly Fishing Basics, book by Dave Hughes, fundamental fly fishing instruction,
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Fly Fishing Basics, Book By: Dave HughesFly Fishing for Bass illustration by Richard Bunse, from Fly Fishing BasicsFundamentals for beginning and intermediate fly fishers. Clearly written, efficient, fun and easy to read. Topics Covered:1. Why Fly Fish2. Basic Fly Fishing Tackle3. Basic Fly Casting4. Hooking and Playing Fish5. Fly Fishing for Trout In Streams6. Fly Fishing for Trout In Lakes7. Fly Fishing for Bass8. Fly Fishing for Panfish9. Fly Fishing for Steelhead10. Fly Fishing for...

Practical  Fishing Knots Practical  Fishing Knots
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By: Mark Sosin and Left KrehThis is the best book on the subject of tying knots. Clearly illustrated.6" x 9" format, b & w, pen & ink, 144 pages.