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Shimano Evair are the perfect travel shoes for the tropics, or camping on a river in the Pacific Northwest.
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Ultra-comfortable! Great deck shoes with soft, gripping, non-marking soles. Easy on, easy off."Just like some footwear allegedly helps NBA stars make a slam dunk starting at the free throw-line, these Shimano EVAIR Shoes, can make it easy for a 200-pound elderly man to defeat many different sizes and kinds of game fish while fly fishing comfortably from a boat", Mark.EVAIR Shoes are perfect for camp and casual wear. Men, women & larger kids will enjoy Shimano Evair shoes. Men's sizes #6 - #13 ...

Korkers Buckskin Wading Shoe, picture
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Korkers Buckskin Wading Shoes A high performance, fishing wading boot combined with comfort helps you master your pursuit OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System adapts your traction to any fishing condition. Two outsoles included with every purchase. Hydrophobic materials faster dry times lessen the chance of spreading invasive species. Durability enhanced midsole, scratch rubber toe cap extends to side panels, rubberized anti-abrasion synthetic material. Drainage integrated, large drainage...

Simms Freestone Wading Boots with Felt Soles, picture
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THE CLASSIC, REBORN Navigating strong currents and slippery rock river beds is part of the experience. Our Freestone Wading Boot has a proven record of durability and traction in rocky rivers around the world. It provides the support underfoot and at the ankle for negotiating slick, unseen river bottoms. The synthetic uppers take the abuse of brush, rock and water in stride, while a cushioned midsole and partial neoprene lining provide all-day cushioning and warmth. MEN'S WADING BOOT SIZE...

Simms Replacement Laces Simms Replacement Laces
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Wading shoe laces wear out pretty quick. You would to, if you were submerged for hours, stepped-on, drug through the tall grass and weeds, covered with mud and left in the hot sun. These are the best replacement laces you can buy.