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The Custom Wading Staff as delivered in the neoprene sheath.
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A staff is essential for wading some rivers. Using this folding aluminum wading staff is easy. Each one comes with a neoprene sheath that attaches to your wading belt. We recommend purchasing a heavy duty retractor to attach the staff to the sheath. The staff can be carried in the sheath, and pulled from it when needed. When the staff is pulled from the sheath, it automatically assembles itself because of the tension provided by a heavy duty shock cord within the staff. The Custom Wading Staff...

Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamp,  5" Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamp  5 inch
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No finger loops here! This series was designed for angling in cold weather where gloves or mittens are the norm, or for tangling with big fish. If you’ve ever had your knuckles mashed by a powerful fish, the beauty of these clamps becomes apparent. Excellent for salmon and steelheaders. Simply squeeze the clamp all the way through the ratchets to release. To close, squeeze until the ratchets lock. This one-hand wonder is spring-loaded, has a wrist lanyard, and can easily handle all streamside...

Entry Level Spey Outfit, from, picture
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Whether looking for your first entry level two-hand (spey) rod or a great back-up, the ECHO Swing "Long" rods are the smoothest, easiest casting rods in their class. High-grade components and a classic "Gloss Blue Steel" color blank means these rods look as good as they fish. They have a crisp action and modest power, allowing performance over the largest range of fishing conditions using both floating and sink-tip lines. You don't have to be a beginner to love this combination! We chose the...

Fox River Outdoor Sox Fox River Outdoor Sox
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Fox River Outdoor SocksThe best for under-wader use. We have worn these socks in the field and sold them in our store for over 20 years. They are still the best boot and under wader socks available. They are a wool/nylon blend with loop pile inside the foot. This gives them tremendous insulation, cushion and absorbency to keep you comfortable all day.

Mountain Lakes Equalizer Fly Kits, picture
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Mountain Lake Equalizer Fly Kit The essential flies you will need for fishing mountain lakes in the Pacific Northwest, and most of North America during the early summer months. QuantityPatternColorSize1Bead Head Wooly Bugger Olive#81Rowley's Grizzly Damsel. #121Rickard's Stillwater Nymph Orange/olive#101Marabou Damsel Tan Grizzly#101Bead Head Chironomid Chrome#161Bead Head Chironomid Black & Red#162Soft Hackle Hare's Ear#182Organza SpinnerCalibaetis#141Organza SpinnerRusty#162AdamsGray/Grizzly/...

Northwest Winter Nymph Kit Northwest Winter Nymph Kit
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Northwest Winter Nymph Kit These are the flies you will need to succeed when nymphing in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months. 18 flies in all, contained in a single compartment, snap lid, reusable plastic box. Contains 3 each of: Bead Head Caddis Larva Latex Caddis Larva Black Speckle Leg Double Bead Stonefly Nymph Silver Bead Head Lightning Bug Bead Head Pheasant Tail Bead Head Rubber Leg Hare's Ear During the winter months the biomass of insects in every river is at peak. Every...

Simms G4 Gore-Tex Cape, Gunmetal color, picture
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Simms G4 Cap If you fish a lot in the rain like we do in Oregon, you learn a couple of things. First you need a cap with a bill to keep the rain of your face and fishing glasses, and this bill better not absorb water or it will migrate that water inside of your jacket hood where it will eventually drip down your neck. The Simms G4 Cap is comfortable in all kinds of weather, and is perfect for torrential days on the water. This tech-laced lid features seam-taped 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric, with a...

Simms River Gift Pack
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Premium gift pack, featuring Simms' genuine-leather Big Sky Wallet and a stylish nylon belt The quintessential collection for anglers on your list, Simms' River Gift Pack includes a skillful combo of Big Sky Wallet and a military-style nylon belt. Built from premium leather and featuring a recycled-wader lining, wallets house three credit-card slots plus a transparent TPU ID holder. The belt, on the other hand, nails relaxed style and has an integrated bottle opener for appreciated libation...

Winter Baetis Equalizer Kit Winter Baetis Equalizer Kit
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Item #: Baetis-Kit -

These are the flies you will need to succeed when fishing the Baetis hatch on rivers west of the Rockies during the winter months. 15 flies in all, contained in a single compartment, snap lid, reusable plastic box. Kit Contains (3) each: Mark's Winter Baetis Emerger #18 Blue Wing Olive Thorax #18 Baetis Sparkle Dun, Gray/Olive #18 WD-Flashy, Black #18 Bead Head Lightning Bug, Black #18 ...

Winter Steelhead Fly Equalizer Kit
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Winter Steelhead Fly Equalizer Kit This Equalizer Kit contains five (5) flies in a tough, poly fly box. This kit is assembled by our pros to put you on even terms with the fish and allow you to be very productive. Kit Contains: Common Fly Name Size Foxee Dog, Black and Blue #2 Foxee Dog, Orange and Black #2 Foxee Dog, Popsicle #2 Signature Intruder, Red and Black #2 Signature Intruder, Pink and Orange #2 5-compartment Fly Box ...

Zephur Fly Tying Vise, picture from
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Item #: TZ2006 -

This is the vise that we have been waiting for, one that holds hooks securely while you work, but didn't break the bank. This appears to be a high performance, and very low risk piece of equipment. The Zephr vise is ideally suited for flies in the size-2 through size-16 range, which covers most of the sizes of flie that most anglers tie. The jaws are cam-locked, and when new they hold a variety of hooks securely. This vise is very compact for travelling, as well as inexpensive enough for the...

Plan D Pack Plus Tube Fly Box, latched, Picture
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Plan D Articulated Pocket Box carries enough flies for the day.

Plan D Articulated Pocket Box, latched, Picture
Price: $44.95
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Item #: ZCPPOCKET003 -

Plan D Articulated Pocket Plus Fly BoxRoom for 20 Intruder type flies.

The best two-day spring/summer Steelhead Spey Schools for your continuing education. Picture is of Al Lind holding a massive Sandy River Winter Steelhead.
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Acquiring skills helps achieve success. This is the most proven Steelhead/Chinook Spey Fishing "skill-set-builder" available. This school is for beginning, intermediate or advance student fly fishers who want to acquire new Skagit casting and fishing skills in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Spend the night between the two days in our community. We know the best places to stay and eat. We will be glad to help make the arrangements and show you around our home turf on the...

Echo Base Starter Kit, picture
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Echo Base Kit Tim Rajeff personally selected the Echo Base Kits for entry-level anglers or those who can't help but keep a setup stowed behind the truck seat. Includes a proven, four-piece performance rod, durable reel and a great line with a mono tapered leader. This kit is plug-and-play, and even includes a protective case.This Kit has everything you need to get started! The Rod: Four piece travel design Alignment dots for quick assembly Translucent Deep Blue finish Half Wells cork handle on...