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    Bauer's Flats Crab Olive
    The first time I heard of Will Bauer was in the early 1980's in Southern Belize. Will was already a legend with the flats guides working out of Placencia. Will's main interest were permit, and permit were (still are) plentiful on the flats around Placencia. Will fished with the famous Westby brothers and Derrick Muschamp.

    At certain times there are large populations of small olive crabs on the Belizian flats, and permit seem to prefer them to most other foods. Will designed his permit fly to resemble those crabs. His Flats Crab has been a legendary success.

    Bauer's Flats Crab, Tan
    Crabs are designed to exploit specific habitats. The bottom of many tropical flats are made up of ground up coral. The specific color and texture of the ocean bottom is often dictated by the velocity of tidal flows. Usually the lightest colored bottoms occur where the softest currents allow fine silts to collect or where wave action keeps dead coral scoured clean. Both type of bottoms are attractive to permits, bonefish, and jacks, all of which will eat crabs. Generally, light colored critters seek light colored bottoms.
    Will Bauer figured that out years ago, and tied some of his Flats Crabs to match these fishy places.