fly shanks

  • Easy-and-fast tying process.
  • Increases tail action.
  • Increases the overall fly length.
  • Reduces the leverage a hooked fish typically places on a fly.
  • Eliminates the need to "sacrifice a hook" to make a shank.
  • 3 Shank lengths (20 mm, 35 mm and 55 mm)
  • 20 Shanks per pack
  • Typically for streamer flies 3" (7.5cm) and longer
  • Wire diameter fits hook sizes starting from about #4 up to 3/0
  • Will fit the Fish-Skull? (SM, M and L sizes) and the Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet
  • The high strength, stainless spring steel shank can be used in saltwater.
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      The Articulated Shank? is an innovative, new fly tying material designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies.

      It can be used as a simple component in different styles of articulated flies such as single-hook and two-hook articulated streamers, poppers and sliders. It is also used for streamers that use a free-swinging stinger hook such as Intruder-style salmon and steelhead flies.