• Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
  • Sage Evoke Reels - 34-EVK8RBRPR
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  • SCS drag design
  • Large arbor for fast line pick up
  • Modified full frame with dual spool palming access
  • Full machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum with stainless steel pins
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance
  • Concave arbor for greater strength and capacity
  • Innovative quick-change spool mechanism
  • Large, one revolution drag knob with numbered and detented settings
  • Large machined aluminum ergonomic handle
  • Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case
  • Two configurations - left or right hand specific frames
  • Reel retrieve direction is not convertible
  • Colors: Bronze/Platinum, Stealth/Blaze, Stealth/Platinum
  • Complete Manual
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    • Bronze/Platinum
    • Stealth/Blaze


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    Sage Evoke Reels

    Here Simon Gawesworth releases a Deschutes River steelhead he landed with his Evoke-8 and a new Sage 7130-4X. It is easier to be successful when you use the world's best tackle.

    Putting more stopping power in your hands.

    The designers at Sage asked themselves what many of the most hardcore fly fishers who take on big anadromous fish and powerful saltwater species want in a fly reel. The answer, like their innovative solution, was simple: more control. You wanted to add extra fingertip or palm pressure to actively engage the fish, so they looked at existing reel designs and decided to open things up a bit. Literally. Featuring a uniquely modified full frame with exposed dual palming rim, the Evoke lets you add fingertip or palm pressure from either side of the reel as you feel exactly how much it will take to turn that fish. But it's not all up to you. The Evoke utilizes the same proven fish-stopping, carbon drag design as their 6000 series. It features an intuitive drag knob with detents from 1 to 39 so you have twice the finesse when tuning-in desired drag resistance. Stainless steel dowel pins give the reel its staunch rigidity, and also help form a full frame line guard that eliminates any errant line mishaps. Plus, the pins help your fingers to index the exposed palming area for applying added pressure without taking your eyes off the fish. This one looks different, fights different, and is sure to be the difference maker during your next brawl.

    Here I am on the lower Dean in 2016 with my Sage Evoke-10, which is secured to my Sage 8136-4 ONE rod. Both the rod and the reel were more than a match for what are reported to be the most ferocious steelhead in the world. MB

    Evoke Reels are great for Spey fishing and have enough stopping power for both steelhead and Chinooks. But they are also more than that. Evoke reels are built to deal with any kind of fish, from inshore species like tarpon, permit and rooster fish, to giant blue water critters such as dorado and bill fish.

    Evoke reels were made specifically for people who want the best equipment the world makes, and want the ability to take control.

    Model Line Size Weight Diameter Width Backing
    Evoke 8 7-8 9-7/8 oz 3-7/8" 1-1/2" 200 yds
    Evoke 10 9-10 11-1/8 oz 4-5/16" 1-1/2" 200 yds (30 lb)